Women Hold Up Half The Sky

by Shining Sons

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In honor of the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day on March 8th, 2011

"Relationships between men and women within the movement have to be based on more than purely emotional attachment. We must be united not for purely selfish reasons but for something bigger than both of us.

The new woman, the new Filipina, is first and foremost a militant. The new Filipina is one who can stay whole nights with striking workers, learning from them the social realities which her bourgeois education has kept from her. She is a woman who has discovered the exalting realm of responsibility, a woman fully engaged in the making of history. No longer is she a woman-for-marriage, but more and more a woman-for-action.

The new masculinity is revolutionary militance. Not Caucasian good looks, not the number of women conquered or bought, but the contribution he is making to the national democratic revolution enables the Filipino male to reclaim the manhood which his centuries of oppression took away. This is what has gained for him the total respect of the Filipino woman and a pride in him that is not founded on his proximity to excellence by western standards but a pride built on his rediscovered identity and dignity."

-Lorena Barros, student, poet, revolutionary, and founder of the militant women's organization MAKIBAKA



To all the women in my life that I appreciate
From the past and my sistahs keep it real today
Someone like Gabriela or like Angela
But never to be the type on tv like Pamela

Like Lorena, yeah fight to free the motherland
For womens rights, yeah my people need to understand
But we fight together, never love each other less
Like Diego and Gabriela....... the struggle never rest

For the mothers all waitin in line
Just know that change will be comin in time
In this movement, gotta be consistent
Liberate my sistahs gotta be persistent

Everyday need to educate the worst minds
Struggle together so we break the worst binds
Let me see that fist up, let the struggle unfold
Tell the story of the movement that was untold

Sheroes in my life, they all a part of me
Can't stop, won't stop til we all are free
Recognize that it's time to break dividing lines
It is true that women hold up half the sky

Most of us so-called men need to understand
Labeling women words that's so out of hand
Appreciate, you shouldn't ever dominate
Spitting the same lines like Lil' Weezy and Drake

So strong like Gabriela Silang
Empowerment for the future passing the baton
These other lame gentlemen really gotta see
When we fight for freedom, men and women gotta be free

Video vixens paid green just to pose
End the prostitution and fuck being sold
I can't deny that my momma raised me
Scratch that old masculinity, freedom is the goal

It's no justice no peace living on these streets
More power to all women love life indeed
Mix it up switch it up more militant
Sheroes in the past and present got the strength to win


released March 8, 2011



all rights reserved


ANAKBAYAN LA Long Beach, California

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